Mar 30, 2010

chrome browser commands

As you may very well know, Google Chrome browser is built for speed and security.
Aside from that, there are extra commands, as well as many extensions, available.
Personally, though, I prefer to use Chromium as my browser. This is the code which Google Chrome is based on. I set Chromium on my computer to update automatically, so I'm always on the bleeding edge of the newest version.
These are the extra commands, for Chromium, I have been using lately:
(there are two hyphens in front of each line)

All of these commands are entered in the shortcut for Chrome/Chromium.
Right click on the shortcut, go to Properties, and go to the Target box.
First make sure that the entire command line is enclosed in double quotes.
Then put a Space after the closing double quotes, and type in the Purge Memory switch.
The command line should look like this:
"C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe" --purge-memory-button
Type a Space again, and enter the Enable Extensions switch.
You need this first in order to run the other switches/commands.
So now you would have this at the end:
--purge-memory-button --enable-extensions
If you find that Chrome is getting a little RAM hungry after extended browsing sessions, then just press SHIFT + ESC. Click: Purge Memory
This switch works on both Chrome and Chromium.
The Sync switch is handy, because all my bookmarks are backed up to my Google Docs automatically. I never have to worry about backing up my bookmarks.
To sync bookmarks to your Google account (you have a Google account I assume), click on the wrench (settings) and click on Bookmarks Synced. Enter your Google credentials.
Now, the huge advantage to this is that any computer running Google Chrome, with the Bookmarks Synced enabled, will receive the same bookmarks. So, your computer at work, at home, etc, will always show the same bookmarks. Of course, you could always stop the sync. At the very least, if you are at a different computer than your own, you could just access your Google Docs for the bookmarks.
I run Chromium and Chrome, and they both run Bookmark Sync.
You can also enter the User Scripts and Geolocation switch.
The Internal Flash switch is new. For the time being is only available for the latest dev version of Google Chrome, so that users don't have to worry about installing the latest version of Adobe Flash. Google Chrome plans to bring that functionality to all Google Chrome users as soon as possible.

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